Aspire Auto Accessories designs and manufactures electronic products. Products we produce under our own brand names include The Brite Box™, Diesel Turbo Lifesaver™ (aka Turbo Lifesaver™), ControlFreak™ and Bulbzilla™ (aka Fogzilla™) products featured on this website. We provide our customers with products that will help them with a better, safer, and smarter driving experience. Our customers benefit by improving vehicle performance and increasing vehicle life. The safety benefits and circuitry has been proven in millions of miles of over the road testing and is used by law enforcement and transportation companies. Our products consist of innovative automotive accessories that improve headlight performance by enhancing lighting systems for brighter and better lights and also granting the possibility of increasing coverage that's essential for safer night time driving. Perfect for rural areas, offroad, and dark roads. We are also known for products that: Increase the life of your Turbo by the name of Diesel Turbo Lifesaver™ which automatically idles your engine and then shuts it off, all without needing the ignition key, thus saving the time and aggravation of waiting for the turbo to cool. ControlFreak a product that acts as a replacement for TIPM's (Totally Integrated Power Module), perfect to use with HID's plus eliminate the use of resistors, and the go-to alternative for ones that fail.

In addition to our own products, we perform both design and manufacturing services for other products. Most of these products are produced for "private label" use. Upgrade your vehicle with genuine Aspire Auto Accessories products for the quality and performance you can count on.