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How often do you use your fog lights? If you live in a consistently foggy or low-visibility area, you may use them quite frequently. They work in a variety of poor visibility conditions, including mist, snow, windblown sand, and fog. Fog lights are an important and necessary safety feature for anyone who owns a vehicle in an area with low visibility, including a lack of road lights or frequent animal crossings.

Why Do I Need Fog Lights?

Fog lights are installed differently from regular headlights. In order to allow you to see through the fog and mist, they are placed as low on the vehicle as possible. This low placement lets the light beams from the fog lights hit the road at a certain angle. This sharp cutoff is so the beam doesn’t “reflect” the fog, letting you safely see the road ahead. Because of where your regular headlights and high beams are, it can be dangerous to use those lights in heavy fog as the moisture will create a mirror and shine the beams back at you. 

At their angle, fog lights can’t reach as far as regular headlights. While fog lights are safer, you should be driving at a much slower speed in order to effectively and safely reveal the road ahead as you move onward to your destination. Fog lights also let other drivers see you better in low visibility conditions.

Typically, vehicles are equipped with high beams and low beams. On most vehicles while driving, the low beams will shut off when you activate the high beams, giving the driver a near-or-far illumination between comfort, safety, and visibility. Because of this, only half of a vehicle’s lighting is being used at any given time. To deal with low visibility situations, vehicle owners might choose to install brighter headlight bulbs, even when these bulbs don’t provide the necessary coverage. To compound this issue, all vehicle’s factory fog lights shut off when you engage the high beams, forcing you to drive slowly and carefully through low visibility.

Thankfully, the Brite Box gives drivers a host of improved options.

The Benefit Of The Brite Box

Equipped with a variety of models for different situations, the Brite Box improves the low beams and fog lights of your vehicle by enabling the high beams to function at the same time. The Brite Box allows your vehicle to use 100% of its lighting potential by activating the low beams and fog lights while the high beams are in use. The Brite Box gives drivers a blanket of light that stretches evenly across the road and provides both depth and distance. The safety and comfort of the driver are improved because now you can see much more of the road in 

low visibility areas. Brite Box gives you an improved beam pattern without placing additional stress on your vehicle’s existing headlights, switches, or wiring. There are enormous safety benefits to using the Brite Box that has been proven across millions of hours and miles, and it is actively used by transportation companies and law enforcement. Installation is quick and easy, and the difference is immediate. 

Specially designed for nighttime driving, dark roads, rural areas, and off-roading, the Brite Box is a safer and more efficient choice than any other lighting option. It automatically illuminates your low beams and/or fog lights when the high beams are activated, and the four different types of Brite Box give drivers the necessary options for their location and vehicle.

The Brite Box: Keeps low beams and high beams on at the same time, increasing visibility in many conditions and areas by allowing your vehicle to utilize more of its factory lighting. 

The Brite Box With Fog Light Control: Keeps low beams, fog lights, and high beams on all at the same time. Drastically improves visibility in low visibility conditions, improving driving ability and safety for the driver.

The Brite Box Fogster: Keeps fog lights and high beams on at the same time, improving visibility and driving ability in low visibility conditions.

The Brite Box Anytime: Using a switch, gain full control of your fog lights by turning them on and off as you wish while regaining control of your low beams and high beams. The Brite Box Anytime is compatible with all vehicles via the control switch. The Brite Box Anytime works with or without high beams. The Anytime model includes switch options such a universal Red or Blue LED switch, and OEM Push Switch (Zombie, Off-Road Lights, and Fog Lights models) for certain makes and models. It even allows you to connect to popular switch control panels on the market.

Easy Installation

Installing your Brite Box is simple, and can be done in thirty minutes or so with step-by-step instructions for your particular model. Installing your Brite Box works with all stock fog lights, and you don’t need to cut wires or do anything complex (if you are looking to install new low beams or high beams before the Brite Box installation, we have all the parts you need).

You will have to find a good location to mount your Brite Box, somewhere beneath the hood of the vehicle. Be sure the male and female ends of the Brite Box can reach the respective plugs of your headlight & fog light bulbs. The red positivity wire of the Brite Box must be able to reach the positive end of your battery cable. All Brite Box kits include the Brite Box, wire ties, fuses, and the alcohol pads you need to properly clean all surfaces to mount Brite Box with supplied tape is already applied on the back of the unit. For extra security, you may need mounting screws.

After installation, depending on your Brite Box selection it will give you a suite of functions:

  • Low Beams Only
  • Fog Lights Only
  • Combined Low and Fog
  • High Beams Full Control
  • And more!

An Important Upgrade

Lighting upgrades don’t get much easier than the Brite Box. Since the kit is “plug-and-play” you don’t have to worry about complex installation. This affordable kit can illuminate the night and pierce through the fog while using the lights your vehicle already has. If you find yourself consistently using your brights in a low visibility area, consider the Brite Box and other bulb kits from Aspire Auto Accessories

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, Brite Box gives you full control of your forward-facing lights, making your trips safer and more enjoyable. 

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Kathryn Fowler

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