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What bulbs can I use with The Brite Box?

Do I need special headlights with Brite Box?

NO. Brite Box works with your STOCK headlights - no replacement or modifications required.

Can I use this with led headlight bulbs?

The Brite Box can be used with LED headlight bulbs as long as the headlight bulbs utilized are the same “style” as the factory bulbs (9004, H11, etc). 

If I want more light, can I upgrade to higher output bulbs or headlights?

Only if you choose your bulbs wisely. Bulbs that produce more light by simply putting higher wattage filaments into the bulb can cause major damage to your lighting system, even without a Brite Box installed.

The reason is that the higher wattage filaments draw a lot more electrical current than the stock bulbs. This in turn can overload switches, wiring and / or headlight components. The only safe way to get more light without potential overloads is to use high tech bulbs that produce more light output with the same electrical draw as stock bulbs. These bulbs accomplish this with advanced bulb construction techniques. Some bulbs that fit this criteria are "Sylvania Silverstar" and "PIAA Platinum"

How do brighter bulbs (without Brite Box installed) compare to using a Brite Box with standard bulbs?

There is really no comparison. Honestly speaking the only advantage the brighter bulbs have over the Brite Box setup will be a slightly brighter low beam. The reason is that Brite Box does not affect (either negatively or positively) low beam only performance. Therefore the brighter bulbs will put out a little more light on low beam. When the high beams are engaged, the story changes. Yes, the brighter bulbs also produce more high beam light than stock - BUT the beam pattern does not cover the area directly in front of the vehicle. With Brite Box, there is an even carpet of light from directly in front of your vehicle to the farthest reach of the high beams. What would you rather have - A slightly brighter INFERIOR beam pattern (without Brite Box), or an even carpet of light that reaches from near to far. Remember, you can always upgrade to high tech bulbs with a Brite Box to maximize your headlight performance.

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