At Aspire Auto Accessories, we manufacture and carry our own Heavy Duty Relay Harnesses that fit a wide selection of bulbs commonly found in most vehicles. 

Connect the headlight bulbs to FULL BATTERY VOLTAGE for MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS!

Insist on genuine Brite Box Smart & Heavy Duty Harness products by Aspire when you want the best built, most innovative products!

9007 to 9008 Heavy Duty Headlight Relay Harness

  • • Smart & Heavy Duty harnesses are MADE IN THE USA!

    • 100% Plug and Play Installation. 

    • 14 Gauge Headlight Wires - Our wire is USA made. Don't settle for import wire! Import wire typically has extra thick insulation that makes the copper "under gauge"! Additionally, most import wire we see has very poor quality copper.

    • 30 / 40 Amp Relays.

    • Control Module is fully encapsulated for waterproofing and vibration resistance. (Smart Harness)

    • Wires are encased in split loom tubing for protection.

    • Fuse Protected with water resistant fuse holders.

    • One Year Warranty

  • POWER flows from BATTERY to HEAD LIGHT SWITCH in passenger compartment. When head light switch is turned on, POWER flows back out into engine compartment and then ACTIVATES RELAYS on Brite Box Harness. The RELAYS then CONNECT the HEAD LIGHTS DIRECTLY to BATTERY through 14 Gauge wires. In simplified terms, the Brite Box harness is triggered by the head light switch and when triggered, the harness supplies power to the head lights through a more efficient path

Need Assistance?

Our specialists can help you find your Brite Box application... even if we don’t have it. Are you looking for installation instructions or any other information? Give us a call, email, chat (located at the bottom of the screen), or use the contact form below with your vehicle make, model, and year along with whether or not your vehicle is equipped with or without fog lights. Let our friendly and dedicated team assist you within minutes!

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