Control Freak is a revolutionary product that allows complete freedom to design the forward lighting system that fits your needs. It will allow you to power (through fuse protected relays) any LED*, Halogen*, or HID* light source without risking damage to Dodge's computerized TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module) lighting circuits or needing Dodge Ram specific lighting kits/items. When Control Freak is installed, the headlight circuits of the TIPM are NOT used and effectively completely bypassed. This provides absolute independence from the TIPM's short circuit protection system that over time has been problematic. The fact that these circuits are not being used greatly reduces the electrical load on the TIPM. In a nutshell, Control Freak takes the computerized operation of the Dodge system and converts it to the most reliable and simple way to power light circuits – through FUSES and RELAYS! If you happen to have a TIPM with inoperative high, low, or fog circuits, and no longer covered under warranty, installing Control Freak will restore full functionality to your lighting system!

Control Freak - Lighting System Controller

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Year / Model
9008 Control Freak Headlight Harness
9006 Control Freak Fog Light Harness
  • Control Freak receives the signals from the truck's headlight switch. Some of these signals are recreated by Control Freak and sent to the truck where these functions operate normally. Other signals are interpreted, but never passed on to the truck. Instead of broadcasting these signals on to the truck, Control Freak outputs it own independent outputs to drive low and high beam relay circuits. These relays can be used to drive LED or Halogen bulbs as well as any HID ballast. In the case of the fog lights, Control Freak allows you to select whether the fog signals are broadcast to the truck or to an output wire to trigger an independent fog relay circuit. Control Freak also has a Daytime Running Light relay output if your local regulations require their use.