At Aspire Auto Accessories carry our own high tempturature connectors that can withstand high temperatures and prevents melting. Manufactures equip vehicles with plastic versions of headlights plugs which are prone to melting over periods of time or due to excessive use at night. We offer the best quality connectors, with competitive pricing and free shipping on all headlight connectors and replacement pigtails. We have these connectors readily available and our manufacturing capabiltiies allow you to build your connector exactly how you want unlike most sellers.


Choose from 14 Gauge or 12 Gauge Headlight Wires - Our wire is USA made. Don't settle for import wire! Import wire typically has extra thick insulation that makes the copper "under gauge"! Additionally, most import wire we see has very poor quality copper.


Step 1: Select Wire Length

  • Unassembled - Terminals and Seals ONLY (Included) - When selecting this option you receive no wire with your purchase and must source your own.
  • 6 Inches (+$1.00) - Our standard wire length
  • 12 Inches (+$2.00) - Upgrade and extend your wire length of the connector
  • 24 Inches (+$3.00) - Our standard wire length
  • 36 Inches (+$4.00) - Upgrade and extend your wire length of the connector


Step 2: Select Power Wire Gauge

  • 14 Gauge (Included) - Our standard wire gauge
  • 12 Gauge (+$5.00) - Upgrade your wires that goes to the headlight bulb and factory harness to thicker wire.


Step 3: Soldered Connections

  • No (Included)
  • Yes (+$1.50) - Have us solder your machine crimped connections so you can have the most secure & reliable harness. Solder is NOT common in vehicles, but is routine in aircraft because it produces the best union of wire to terminal.


Additional Information: Connector Type

  • High Temperature Connectors - Maximum Temperature = 572º F / 300º C 
  • All connections are machine crimped to the highest industrial standards.


4 Reasons to Upgrade to a High Temperature Headlight Connector:

  • High Temperature plugs / connectors are much more heat resistant than Plastic plugs / connectors. This is the reason we don't offer plastic versions of headlight plugs.
  • High Temperature plugs prevents Melting which is common in vehicles that use their lights for long periods of time, using upgraded headlight bulbs, and wiring harnesses.
  • Choose upgraded and high quality plugs vs stock plugs that are plastic found on vehicles from the manufacturer
  • Quit replacing your headlight bulbs due to melting and upgrade your headlight sockets to something that is made to withstand excessive use and higher temperatures.


Need help purchasing, custom lengths, or looking for bulk pricing? Contact us at (626)498-8218 or send us an email or our live chat. 


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H4 High Temperature Connector 572º F / 300º C

$12.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
Step 1: Select Wire Length
Step 2: Wire Gauge
Step 3: Soldered Terminals