The Brite Box for Ford is a self-contained device that greatly contributes to driving safety on dark roads by improving both the output and coverage of standard vehicle headlights. All vehicles have two distinct beam patterns: low beam for close range illumination, and high beam for long range illumination. Im most vehicles, when the high beams are activated low beams shut off. The resulting choice of "near" vs "far" illumination compromises safety and comfort because at maximum, only 54% of the vehicles lighting potential is being used at any given time. Installing brighter headlight bulbs does little to help because the coverage of the headlights is still compromised. Additionally, if your vehicle has factory fog lights, they too shut off when high beams are engaged. How does one solve the problem?


Enter the Brite Box. Brite Box illuminates the low beams (and fog lights with Fog Light Control models) when the high beams are activated which allows 100% of the lighting potential of the vehicle to be utilized. Brite Box provides an even carpet of light that stretches from near to far. Safety and comfort are improved because the driver can now see a larger portion of the road. The safety benefits and circuitry of Brite Box has been proven in millions of miles of over the road testing, and is used by law enforcement and transportation companies. Brite Box features easy plug in installtion (in most vehicles) and can usually be installed in 30 minutes or less.


Before Brite Box:

Low beams / fog lights shut OFF when high

beams are on.


After Brite Box:

Low beams / fog lights stay ON when high

beams are on.

The Brite Box for Ford with Sealed Beams

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$94.99Sale Price
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    In many vehicles, when you engage high beam headlights, the Low Beams SHUT OFF. You choose between close or long range illumination, you can never have both. This is less than ideal as parts of the road are always left dark.

    BENEFITS OF BRITE BOX: Automatically combining the coverage of your low beams and high beams provides an even carpet of light that covers from near to far.

    Night driving becomes safer and more comfortable. We always receive comments related to the reduction of eye fatigue. Brite Box is a must have addition to your vehicle as it increases safety at a reasonable cost.

    Please note that Brite Box works only when you turn the high beams on, so you still retain use of your low beam headlights when there is oncoming traffic.

    PROVEN PRODUCT: Introduced in 1996, is now used by transportation companies, countless thousands of individual owners, and law enforcement agencies such as the US BORDER PATROL.

    EASY DIY INSTALL: Installs w/ common hand tools in less than an hour. No wire cutting required.

    WORKS WITH STOCK LIGHTING COMPONENTS: Works w/ stock lighting components. The manufacturer suggests using standard halogen bulbs since they last the longest and are most cost effective.

    COMPATIBLE WITH MODERN VEHICLE ELECTRONICS: Will not overload vehicle circuits. 

    WARRANTY FRIENDLY: Numerous new car dealers sell and install Brite Box. This speaks volumes about how Brite Box interacts with your vehicle warranty. 



    OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Brite Box models are application specific. Please contact manufacturer (Aspire Auto Accessories) of product if unsure of fitment for your specific vehicle.