Introducing The Brite Box OEM "FOG LIGHTS" Effect Switch! When purchased with BRITE BOX you'll receive our Universal Wiring Kit with your switch to connect seamlessly with BRITE BOX.


The Brite Box OEM "FOG LIGHTS" Effect Switch gives you the ability to turn The Brite Box Effect on or off with the push of a switch. With Brite Box installed, your low beams and/or fog lights illuminate at the same time automatically. When the switch is installed, you can control this effect on or off. 


Turning the switch on will keep low beams and/or fog lights on with high beams.


Turning the switch off will keep low beams/or fog lights off with high beams.




  • Fits in OEM slot
  • Blue backlight
  • Easy to install (check out the installation video for step-by-step instructions)


Our wiring harness colors are different than blue, white, and black as shown in the video. You'll notice the colors red, green, and black on our harness that will match accordingly to the switch. Match colors to the following wires:


Green --> Green

Red --> Red

Black  --> Black


Great for:


  • High beam operation back to factory settings
  • Using your high beams for certain road conditions
  • Vehicle inspections


*Compatible with ALL Brite Box models 


Must be purchased at the time of Brite Box. This product cannot be added later!


This product is shipped directlyfrom CaliRaised LED.

The Brite Box OEM "FOG LIGHTS" Effect Switch

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Fits the Following Toyota Models

    • FJ Cruiser 2007-2015
    • Fortuner 2005-2014
    • Hilux 2005-2014
    • Tacoma 2005-2020
    • Tacoma 2012-2015 (left side ONLY)
    • Highlander 2001-2007
    • Tundra 2005-2007 (center console if equipped)
    • 4Runner 2003-2009
    • Prado 120 Series 2003-2009
    • Land Cruiser 100 Series 1998-2007
    • Land Cruiser 75, 76, 78 and 79 series