Toyota Sequoia with Daytime Running Lights

2001 - 2007


Our SMART harnesses have our custom CONTROL MODULE that recognizes when the vehicle has DRL on and allows the DRL signals to the headlights to be retained. When you turn on your full intensity headlights, the CONTROL MODULE lets the harness function like all others - which is to connect the headlight bulbs to FULL BATTERY VOLTAGE for MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS!

Toyota Sequoia Smart Harness HH4.R1.6

Excluding Sales Tax
  • • Smart harnesses are MADE IN THE USA!

    • 100% Plug and Play Installation. 

    • 14 Gauge Headlight Wires - Our wire is USA made. Don't settle for import wire! Import wire typically has extra thick insulation that makes the copper "under gauge"! Additionally, most import wire we see has very poor quality copper.

    • 30 / 40 Amp Relays.

    • Control Module is fully encapsulated for waterproofing and vibration resistance. (Smart Harness)

    • Wires are encased in split loom tubing for protection.

    • Fuse Protected with water resistant fuse holders.

    • One Year Warranty