9006 and H11 bulbs are commonly used in low beam headlights and in fog lights. Transplanting a 9005 bulb for a 9006 bulb (Bulbzilla 6.5 kit) gives you a 70% increase in output! Transplanting a H9 bulb for a H11 bulb (Bulbzilla 11.9 kit) gives you a 60% increase in output!



BULBZILLA products allow you to transplant a 9005 bulb into any light that uses a 9006 bulb (Bulbzilla 6.5 kit) or a H9 bulb into any light that uses a H11 bulb (Bulbzilla 11.9 kit).



Simply put, there is NO other modification that gives you so much bang for the buck! You can use Bulbzilla as a stand alone product, but using it along with a Brite Box system provides even better results! Some vehicles use 9006's or H11's in BOTH low beams and fog lights. In these vehicles use TWO Bulbzilla kits for maximum light output!

Don't know if your vehicle has 9006 or H11 Bulbs? Go here for an easy to use headlight guide to find the exact bulbs your vehicles is equipped with OR call us, send us a chat, or send us an email. Please include your vehicles make/model/year.






60-70% MORE LIGHT!


What exactly is Bulbzilla?

Bulbzilla is a bulb transplant kit so you can realize better lighting.

How does the output of Bulbzilla compare to that of a high power (over wattage) low beam or fog light bulb?

An 80 watt high power 9006 bulb emits 1,750 Lumens of output. A 65 watt 9005 emits 1,700 Lumens.The stock H9 compared to a high powered H11 also exhibits nearly equal output. For all intents and purposes, they are equally bright. BUT . . . the over wattage bulb has a LOT of disadvantages - see next question below.

Does using Bulbzilla have any advantages over high power (over wattage) low beam or fog light bulbs?

As stated above, the performance of a STOCK wattage 9005 / H9 is indistinguishable from an over wattage 9006 / H11. Using the stock bulb produces LESS heat AND PROVIDES LONGER LIFE. Over wattage bulbs typically last NO MORE THAN 150 HOURS! Stock bulbs easily lasts twice as long and in most cases cost less than over wattage bulbs. In the long run, Bulbzilla is the most cost effective and EFFICIENT way to get more light. In vehicles, electrical power is obtained by the alternator converting FUEL energy into ELECTRICAL energy. The reduced wattage requirements of using a 9005 or H9 with Bulbzilla may not save a lot of fuel, but it does save some - and we all know that every drop counts!

Do I use Bulbzilla in my low beams or in my fog lights?

You can use Bulbzilla in ANY light where the stock bulb is a 9006 OR H11.

Can I use Bulbzilla WITH A BRITE BOX?

YES you can use Bulbzilla with any Brite Box system that is set up for a 9006 or H11 bulb.

Does Bulbzilla blind oncoming traffic?

Bulbzilla in properly aimed lights is not offensive to oncoming traffic. Even though a 60 - 70% increase in output sounds like a lot, a Bulbzilla equipped vehicle still does not match the output of a vehicle with HID lights.

Is Bulbzilla difficult to install?

Bulbzilla is well within the scope of the average consumer to install, in reality all you are doing is changing a pair of light bulbs.

Do I have to modify my headlights or wiring with Bulbzilla?

There are absolutely NO modifications to any part of the vehicle's headlights or wiring with Bulbzilla.

How long does it take to install Bulbzilla?

The actual transplantation of bulbs takes approximately 1/2 hour with Bulbzilla. What varies is what procedure is required by the vehicle manufacturer to change the light bulbs.

Can I revert to using stock bulbs?

Since Bulbzilla requires NO modifications to the vehicle, you can reuse your stock 9006 or H11 bulbs at any time.

How many bulbs does one Bulbzilla kit convert?

Each Bulbzilla kit will transplant TWO bulbs.