Diesel Turbo Lifesaver

Vehicle: 2000-2007 Chevy GMC/GMC Diesel
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The turbo is the heart and soul of your diesel truck. Failure to properly care for your turbo can cause it to fail prematurely and can even lead to TOTAL ENGINE MELTDOWN. Diesel Turbo Lifesaver (DTLS) is the cure for problematic heat related turbocharger failures. DTLS automatically idles your engine and then shuts it off, all without needing the ignition key, thus saving the time and aggravation of waiting for the turbo to

Additionally, Diesel Turbo Lifesaver features a built in SECURITY feature to safeguard your vehicle and can also be used as a PRE-LUBER (most vehicles) to maximize the life of your engine.

• Computer controlled for DIGITAL PRECISION of timing and operational sequences.

• Engine run times from 1-250 minutes (adjustable from 1-10 minutes in one minute increments and from 10-250 minutes in five minute increments)

• Security (Anti-Theft) feature - When security switch is on, your vehicle cannot be started... even if the theif has a key! To set a security function, move security switch lever to the on position. NOTE: Security switch has on and off stamped into the side of switch body.

• Engine Pre-Lube feature (some vehicles) - Prolong engine life by eliminating dry starts after oil changes or long periods of inactivity. To pre lube your engine, turn secuirty switch ON and crank engine (with key) for 5-10 seconds (engine will crank, but will not start). Turn security switch off and start vehicle. Observe how quickly oil pressure builds when engine starts.

•3 year unlimited mileage warranty

• Made In USA

Turbo temperature is dependent on these variables:
• What is the air temperature?
• How "hard" are you working your engine?
• Are you driving in hills or mountains?
• Is there a headwind?
• Are you towing a load? How large?
• Has your engine been modified for higher performance?

As a rule of thumb, increasing any of these variables will cause turbo temperatures to rise. The higher the turbo temperature, the longer the turbo should be cooled down.
Generally speaking, match these cool down times to your driving conditions:

1-4 Minutes: Light throttle, non towing situations at moderate speeds in cold to moderate temperatures. Example: City driving.

5-7 Minutes: Medium throttle, non towing situations or when towing moderate loads. Medium to high speed driving with moderate headwind or hills in all temperatures.  Example City or interstate driving.

8-15 Minutes: Driving conditions with any of the following: Heavy loads, heavy throttle, long or steep hill climbs or high headwinds.

If ever in doubt, set an extra minute or two of cool down time. Diesels use very little fuel when idling, and a few pennies in fuel can save a turbocharger worth thousands of dollars and prevent you from being stranded with an inoperative turbo!

Diesel Turbo Lifesaver can be installed by the average do-it-yourselfer. We supply our installations kits with VEHICLE SPECIFIC instructions that make installation virtually mistake-proof for most people. If you consider low (or in most cases no) installation costs, the Diesel Turbo Lifesaver is not only the BEST but the most ECONOMICAL unit on the market!

Operating Instructions

Step 1: Set Parking Brake
1. While engine is running, depress and HOLD brake pedal.

2. Set parking brake FIRMLY

3. Vehicles with automatic transmission: Put transmission in park.

3A. Vehicles with manual transmission: Put transmission in NEAUTRAL.

4. Release brake pedal and make sure vehicle DOES NOT roll or creep. If vehicle rolls or creeps, reapply parking brake. IF PARKING BRAKE CANNOT PREVENT VEHICLE FROM ROLLING, DO NOT USE DIESEL TURBO LIFESAVER UNTIL YOU HAVE A QUALIFIED MECHANIC ADJUST YOUR PARKING BRAKE.

Step 2: Set Turbo Cooling Cycle
Note: For safety reasons, Diesel Turbo Lifesaver WILL NOT allow you to set a turbo cool down time when the brake pedal is depressed. THE BRAKE PEDAL (NOT PARKING BRAKE!) MUST BE RELEASED IN ORDER TO INSURE THAT THE VEHICLE DOES NOT ROLL OR CREEP. SEE STEP 1!


With engine running, set idle time by depressing and holding the activator switch in while counting the "beeps" emitted by Diesel Turbo Lifesaver. Release activator switch to set run time. Example... press button, "beep","beep","beep", release button equals three minutes of run time.

1B. TO SET 15-250 MINUTES OF RUN TIME(IN FIVE MINUTE INTERVALS): Follow steps in 1A, but continue to hold activator switch in after the 10th "beep". Each subsequent "high pitched" beep will add five minutes of run time to the original 10 minutes programmed in step 1A.

2. Remove ignition key - if you want to activate security feature, turn security switch to on position.

3. Exit vehicle, engine will idle to cool turbo and automatically shut off when the time you set elapses. If security function was activated, the engine will now be disabled.

Note: you will hear a short "beep" from Diesel Turbo Lifesaver once every ten seconds when it is idling your engine. Ten seconds before your engine shuts off, you will hear a series of rapid "beeps".

To Cancel A Cooling Cycle Or Emergency Engine Stop:

Note: Diesel Turbo Lifesaver allows you to stop your engine at any time when a run cycle is engaged. To stop your engine, depress BRAKE PEDAL or push ACTIVATOR switch.


2000-2007 Chevy GMC/GMC Diesel 


1994-2002 Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel 

2003-2005 Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel 

2006-2008 Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel 


1994-2004 Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel 

2005-2007 Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel 

2008 Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel 

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