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In most vehicles, when the high beams are activated low beams shut off. The resulting choice of "near" vs "far" illumination compromises safety and comfort because at maximum, only 54% of the vehicles lighting potential is being used at any given time. Installing brighter headlight bulbs does little to help because the coverage of the headlights is still compromised. Additionally, if your vehicle has factory fog lights, they too shut off when high beams are engaged. How does one solve the problem? The Brite Box.


Low Beams Only


Low Beams + Fog Lights


High Beams Only


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Brite Box automatically illuminates the low beams / fog lights when the high beams are activated using your factory switch which allows up to 100% of the lighting potential of the vehicle to be utilized. Choose from up to 3 types.

  • The Brite Box - Keep Low Beams ON with High Beams

  • The Brite Box with Fog Light Control - Keep Low Beams AND Fog Lights ON with High Beams 

  • The Brite Box Fogster - Keep Fog Lights ON with High Beams

  • NEW! The Brite Box Anytime - Gain full control of your Fog Lights and turn them ON and OFF with your choice of switch. Works With or Without Low Beams and Fog Lights. Compatible with ALL vehicles. (Must be used with switch) 


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Low Beams + High Beams

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Fog Lights + High Beams

Note: Some vehicles keep low beams on with high beams from factory. You would use the Fogster model in that case.

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Low Beams + Fog Lights + High Beams

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