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Choose From Up To 3 Types

Keep Low Beams and/or Fog Lights ON with High Beams!

3 Types

  • The Brite Box™️

  • The Brite Box™️ with Fog Light Control (FLC)

  • The Brite Box Fogster™️

In most vehicles, when you activate high beams, low beams and fog lights turn off. The Brite Box will turn on low beams and/or fog lights (depending on the model you choose) when you turn on your high beams, at the same time, automatically


Low beam operation is unaffected so you can turn your fog lights on and off and never lose control of your fog light switch when not using high beams.

New Feature: Add Driving Light Slave to automatically illuminate an additional set of lights (light bars, ditch lights, etc.) when the high beams are activated using your factory switch.


Low Beams, Fog Lights, and High Beams on at the same time! (Shown In Photo)



NEW! Add a Brite Box Effect LED rocker switch so you can turn on and off The Brite Box effect when high beams are activated.

Simply, flick the switch, and your high beams will function like factory settings, as if the Brite Box were never there.

Plug and Play installation. No soldering, crimping or hole drilling!

Choose from Blue or Red LED.

DANGER! You can't avoid what you can't see! Use 100% of your vehicle's lighting potential! The best advice is to be as attentive as possible when driving. Whenever possible, use the high beam headlights so that your vision can be increased and you’ll have a better chance of seeing deer, elk, livestock, etc. on the roadway and avoiding any unsafe road conditions. Using fog lights substantially helps increase the visibility directly in front of your vehicle and the shoulders of the road. High Beams only projects a good way down the road BUT leaves potential hazards unlit! Drive safer and with confidence using The Brite Box that will make a difference in the way you see at night!


New Feature: The Brite Box will turn on your choice of beams  and a set(s) of additional set of lights (ditch lights, light bars) when you turn on your factory high beam switch, at the same time, automatically


It is highly recommended that you install a dash mounted switch so you can cancel driving light operation for city driving. If no master switch is installed, driving lights will always light whenever high beam is selected.

Important Note: Slave wire is a negative output wire that is designed to operate a relay. Any attempt to hook driving lights directly to this wire will cause internal damage to unit.



Safer night time driving, perfect for highways



Finish installation in 30 minutes or less with model specific step-by-step instructions. Works with stock headlamps and fog lights. No wire cutting! 

The Brite Box can be used with LED headlight bulbs as long as the headlight bulbs utilized are the same “style” as the factory bulbs (9004, H11, etc).


The Brite Box can be used with HID headlight bulbs as long as the HID headlight bulbs are plug and play to your headlight system. 


If you have any questions contact our team by phone, email, chat, or our contact form and we'll be happy to help

The Brite Box is installed underneath the hood. You'll have to find a location to mount Brite Box. Make sure car's headlight plug can reach the female plug of Brite Box and that Brite Box's male plug can reach headlight bulb. The positive red wire or negative black wire of Brite Box must also be able to reach positive (+) or negative (-) battery cable. 

Brite Box is normally installed on one side of the vehicle to power headlights and fog lights. Some applications may require two boxes. One for the driver side and passenger side headlight. These applications will include two boxes inside your Brite Box kit.

Vehicles with fog lights using Fogster or Fog Light Control (FLC) applications will include everything you need to connect your fog lights.

Installation kit includes wire ties to clean up your install in a clean and tidy manner, fuses to power your Brite Box, and alcohol pads to clean the surface to mount your Brite Box using attached double-stick tape or mount your Brite Box using supplied screws.

Brite Box Effect ON/OFF Rocker Switch - Run Brite Boxes Switch Wire with connector (a little less than half an inch) from the Brite Box through your vehicles firewall. Some vehicles have a hole with a rubber plug along your firewall to wire switches and other accessories through. A cable gland with gasket is included for a waterproof seal if you would like to drill your own hole or use instead of using your vehicles existing rubber grommet. Connect Brite Box Effect ON/OFF Rocker Switch connector to Brite Boxes switch wire connector. Mount switch using attached double stick tape. No hole drilling, soldering, or crimping required! 


The Brite Box™️ allows 100% of the lighting potential of the vehicle to be utilized.



Plug-n-play made easy. No cutting or splicing into factory wires! (In most vehicles)



Waterproof fuse holders, weatherproof seals, heat-shrink & the ability to mount upright to prevent water damage & corrosion.


Top quality wire & materials. Manufactured in the USA.


Activate high beams and let The Brite Box do the rest. 


The safety benefits and circuitry of The Brite Box has been proven in millions of miles of over the road testing, and is used by law enforcement and transportation companies.



3 year warranty from date of original user purchase.



..Due to limited visibility of the stock lights, easily drive beyond their range, I picked up some HID’s for high and low beams with projector housings. Huge difference but you lose the up close visibility of the shoulder to each side when just high beams were on.  The Brite Box enabled me to have both my high and low beam on at same time, flooding the shoulders and ditch-lines giving me better visibility for Moose, Elk, Deer and livestock coming in from the ditch-line to cross the road. I’ve had plenty of close calls at night on the narrow two lane state roads that would have been catastrophic if it wasn’t for the visibility the Brite Box provides.  This will continue to be a standard feature on my truck for as long as I own it. Great product and I highly recommend.

Mike / Retired Engineer / Geologist in the North Dakota Oil Fields

Patrick Greenwell

Lynn Frame


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