Control Freak Lighting System Controller

Wiring Harness: 9008 H13 Headlight Wiring Harness (Included)
Fog Light Harness: No Fog Light Harness
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This product is for the 2006 - 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 and the 2006 – 2009 Dodge Ram HD (2500 +).

When Control Freak is installed, the headlight circuits of the TIPM are NOT used and effectively completely bypassed. This provides absolute independence from the TIPM's short circuit protection system that over time has been problematic. The fact that these circuits are not being used greatly reduces the electrical load on the TIPM.

In a nutshell, Control Freak takes the computerized operation of the Dodge system and converts it to the most reliable and simple way to power light circuits – through FUSES and RELAYS! 

Control Freak is a revolutionary product that allows complete freedom to design the forward lighting system that fits your needs. 

It will allow you to power (through fuse protected relays) any LED*, Halogen*, or HID* light source without risking damage to Dodge's computerized TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module) lighting circuits or needing Dodge Ram specific lighting kits/items. 


- Bypass TIPM model for front lighting controls
- "Fixes" defective/inoperable TIPM unit lighting controls
- Full control of low beams on or off with high beams
- Full control of fog lamps on or off with high beams

Control Freak is designed and manufactured in the USA using domestic products wherever available.

 How Control Freak Works

Control Freak receives the signals from the truck's headlight switch. Some of these signals are recreated by Control Freak and sent to the truck where these functions operate normally. Other signals are interpreted, but never passed on to the truck. Instead of broadcasting these signals on to the truck, Control Freak outputs it own independent outputs to drive low and high beam relay circuits. These relays can be used to drive LED or Halogen bulbs as well as any HID ballast. In the case of the fog lights, Control Freak allows you to select whether the fog signals are broadcast to the truck or to an output wire to trigger an independent fog relay circuit. Control Freak also has a Daytime Running Light relay output if your local regulations require their use. 


Control Freak CPU installation is performed under the dash board. Access to wires at headlight switch, ignition switch and multifunction (high / low beam) switch is required. Control Freak's fog (only if powering fog lights with relay circuit), low and high beam elay trigger wires must be run into engine compartment where the relays are to be installed. Underdash install time should run less than one hour, underhood time will vary but can be done in less than one hour.

For a full copy of the installation instructions please contact us.

Why Lighting Enhancements and TIPM's just don't work

Lighting enhancements such as relay harnesses and HID conversions that have been routinely used in non–computerized lighting systems for years do not work seamlessly with the TIPM. This is due to the fact that relays, high wattage bulbs and HID ballasts have electrical behaviors that fall outside of the permissible parameters that are programmed into the TIPM's protection circuits. The result of this is that the TIPM will not activate relays and most HID ballasts without “band–aid” load resistors that waste energy and are unsafe due to the fact that they generate considerable heat (as much as a light bulb) and can ignite any flammable objects that are too close. High wattage bulbs will trip the protection circuits as their higher current draw is interpreted as a short. The TIPM will fire some “digital” HID ballasts, but not without “flickering” of the ballast that indicates that the protection circuit was tripped

How the Dodge TIPM Works

In the 2006 - 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 and the 2006 – 2009 Dodge Ram HD (2500 +), virtually all electrical functions, including those for forward lighting (fog lights, low beam & high beam headlights) are run through a computerized device that Dodge calls the “TIPM” (Totally Integrated Power Module). In the event of a short circuit, the TIPM has internal protection circuits that interrupt power to a shorted line WITHOUT fuses or circuit breakers. ANY activation of the protection circuits indicates that the TIPM has seen a condition that the designing engineers consider to be an overload. When LED headlight bulbs become available, they will most likely be incompatible with the current parameters in the TIPM. In the years since the TIPM was first used, history has shown that the protection circuits are imperfect. It is common for a low and / or high beam headlight to turn off when there are no shorts present. Installation of the previously mentioned load resistors do not provide immunity to TIPM light drop outs. It the TIPM drops output, all devices hooked to the output, including the resistors, have no voltage and that circuit will NOT be producing light. 

Some owners say a headlight dropping out was the first symptom of a TIPM problem before it needed replacement shortly after. Failures have been widely reported - Google searches with such as “TIPM problem” or “Dodge No Low Beams” yield plentiful results. A failed TIPM is an expensive repair – see your Google results to get an estimation.

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